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Sounds like "Vint-Asia"

The pandemic has forced us all to guess how to pronounce things that we only see online, so let me help y'all out with the name thing. It's Vintagia; rhymes with "Fantasia" and "Phantasia", but not "fibromyalgia" (that's a short "a"). It's a word I made up to describe the creations generated by my vintage-obsessed imagination. It is not related in any way to "vagina", although you can spell that with some of the same letters.

Nostalgic objects drive my creative process. They whisper secrets into my ears. Sometimes they scream at me, and I know I better listen. Hey, if a doll wants her head on backwards, you put her head on's not worth arguing over.

Yes, I hoard old things: bottle caps, broken dishes, dolls, board games, toys, doll heads, tchotchkes, doll arms, paper scraps, doll get the idea. I don't stock up on paint and brushes. I stock up on glue and "stuff". My home, studio, and car are always full, and yes, they look like gigantic, live-in versions of my art.

I tell you all this, not because I think you should care or need to know, but because these are the most frequently-asked questions when I meet admirers of my art. And when I meet people who don't get my art at all. Suffice it to say, this seems to be what folks want to know.

For now, I'll leave it at that. We'll take more excursions into my psyche another day. It's relevant because my art is all about experiences and stories. If you don't want to see, don't look. But if you're interested, come on'll be a wild ride!

See ya!


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